#4 His Game, Her Rules – YA

Title: His Game, Her Rules

Age Category: Upper YA

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Word count: 90,000


Five years after the fire that killed both of their mothers, neighbors Dani, the star clarinetist, and Xavier, the champion wrestler, have only one objective in life: make sure their fathers don’t kill each other. But after one night in handcuffs for Xavier, this mutual goal takes a backseat to something much more…unexpected.

Convinced that Dani is what he needs to regain his father’s respect after his drug possession charges are dropped, Xavier does everything he can to persuade this ‘nerd girl’ to be his pseudo girlfriend. Except, yeah, that’s kind of a problem when she wants absolutely nothing to do with him.Dani can’t stand to be in the same room with Xavier, much less pull off some sort of ‘fake girlfriend’ charade. They may have a past together based solely on their mother’s friendship, but that doesn’t mean they have a future as anything other than enemies…right?


It’s only when a secretive wrestling–induced eating disorder begins to dig its claws into Xavier, and love starts to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, does this unlikely twosome begin to work together to right way more than a simple reputation.


  1. I’m intrigued! Please send query with full manuscript attached to nicolesteinhaus (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com



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