#30 Jessica Marco Pi – NA


Category: NA

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 59,000


Jessica Marco, a twenty-four-year-old private investigator, is working on a kidnapping case when she discovers her sister’s piece-of-shit husband is the kidnapper.  He gets away by throwing Jess off the small cruise ship where the transfer of money for the victim was supposed to happen.

While on the kidnapping case, Jess gets a call from a friend who runs a funeral home. Fat Sal’s arms and legs have been stolen… two days before his scheduled wake. Everyone knows you can’t pull off a wake without the deceased’s arms and legs. There’ll be screaming, serious freak-outs and old ladies fainting at the casket. Who the hell needs that? Jess takes the case to save her friend’s funeral home from ruin.

Meanwhile, her personal life is just as crazy as her work life, with a mother who steals her laundry, a sister whose had too much plastic surgery done, a grandmother who’s paranoid about the “chill” because that bastard’s always trying to get someone sick and a hot cop/sorta boyfriend.

But her life goes from bad to total goat-balls when her investigation ties both cases together and puts her in the middle of a black-market organization that’s killing people for their skin and organs. With millions of dollars at stake, they also have no problem killing anyone who gets in their way.

If Jessica can solve her cases, everyone– except the piece-of-shit husband– gets to live happily ever after. If she fails, she and everyone she loves will lose their lives…and their skin.

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