#28 The Imperfect Try – NA

Title: The Imperfect Try

Age Category: NA

Genre: Contemporary romance (with elements of suspense)

Word count: 86,000


She’s exactly what he secretly desires. He’s exactly what she doesn’t need.

Twenty–one–year–old Addison Parker prefers to stay off the radar, living a reclusive life in her parent’s basement. Playing it safe is the only way to keep her tainted past at bay, yet when Collin comes into the picture, she begins questioning her choices for the first time in nine years.

Heartbroken after a tragedy he’ll never accept, twenty–four–year–old rugger Collin Montgomery is forced to move back to his hometown, four–year–old daughter in toe. Too stubborn to work for his father, he takes a job as a security guard. The only problem? Finding someone to care for his kid while he’s off playing the mind–numbing role of rent–a–cop.

Addie would be the perfect nanny for his daughter…if she wasn’t such an enigma. The last thing Collin wants is to deal with secrets and baggage. But walking away from the one girl who kick–starts his heart proves impossible the more time he spends with her.

When Addie’s brother unexpectedly turns up six months out of juvie, she can’t seem to get her head in the game. Along with his drug problem, the guy brings drug lords and murder into the mix—definitely not how she envisioned her sophomore year at college. Collin doesn’t exactly help with matters when he’s constantly pinning her against tables and doors with his sexy body. Yet it’s that very allure mixed with his sexy–daddy side that makes her under-worked libido go crazy.

But will that charm really do her any good…if she’s dead?


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