#27 Life Set Sail – YA


Age Category: YA

Genre: Time Travel

Word count: 48,000

Seventeen year old Mae Westaway is almost done with high school, has been accepted to Florida State University’s School of Journalism, and dreams of becoming the next Barbara Walters. Her best friend is Brooke, the worst Wiccan in Orlando, and can not successfully cast a spell if her life depended on it. On the eve of the day the Titanic sank Brooke holds yet another séance in a sad attempt to try and contact her dead relative who died on the ship.

After drinking too much tequila and having an impromptu a rock out session to Journey Brooke’s Wiccan powers become uncontrollable as she chants her way through the spell and accidentally banishes Mae aboard the “Ship of Dreams.” The next morning Mae is shocked to wake in a tiny cabin in the middle of the icy North Atlantic. Upon discovering that today is April 14th she realizes that she has the remarkable chance to rewrite the past and prevent the ship from sinking. However, a chance encounter with an (almost) Priest opens her eyes to a whole new world and makes her question her decision to save the ship and what that means to her future.


  1. I’d love to see this! Please send query with full manuscript attached to nicolesteinhaus (at) entangledpublishing (dot) com



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