#26 The Shadow of Light – YA


Category: YA

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Word count: 57,000

Eighteen-year-old Kira Sinclair hates her absent father, the unforgivable jerk who left her pregnant mother alone at the altar. But when a beam of starlight transports Kira to another earth-like world, she learns her father didn’t leave—he was abducted and trapped inside a black hole.

With help from Evan, an attractive boy who’s stuck in the starlit world, Kira pieces together clues connecting her father’s disappearance to the artificial planet. When they accidentally discover that the world inside the black hole was created to preserve surface life on planets threatened with destruction, Kira is thrown into a battle, not only for her survival, but for her friends and family back home. She wants to warn them, but the starlight portal closes, trapping her inside. Desperate to save her world, Kira has to find the black hole’s core and use its energy to cross through the boundary of the black hole to return home—assuming home still exists.

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