#25 Indebted – YA


Category: YA

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 68,000


Fifteen-year-old Jace almost kills his sister. To save her life he turns to aliens for help. But the healing isn’t free and Jace is forced to pay for his mistake by serving a hotel chock full of campy aliens bent on turning earth into a resort. Stuck serving multiple races of aliens, he longs for the human refugee camp he calls home and the relic his father entrusted him to protect before disappearing. The relic resting at the bottom of a marsh is a piece of alien tech that glows green only in his presence. In an attempt to impress his crush, Claire, naïve Jace shows her the glowing relic before he realizes she is the enemy. He doesn’t know Claire plans to use the relic to open a prison portal releasing Boo Hags, spirit beings imprisoned by the aliens, to inhabit the bodies of others.

Now the food Claire is growing on her family farm is poisoning the people he left at camp. The hotel aliens call Jace to investigate, as he is the only one familiar with the native humans. Back at camp, Jace finds Claire’s kitchen taken over by a Bio Drive, a tree like computer taking control of the sickened people in the camp. Worst of all, his sister also weakened by her previous healing is prime target to be possessed by the leader of the Boo Hags. Jace must decide between sacrificing Claire or having the humans and aliens lost to the the Boo Hags.

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