#23 A Fight Of Sorrows -YA

Title: A Fight Of Sorrows

Age Category: YA

Genre: Speculative Sci Fi

Word count: 73,000


Vee, a genetically modified teen, must escape the clutches of obsessed scientists who have her imprisoned to experiment on.

At the base of a dormant volcano, lay two compounds –Thera and Lanmora.

Thera is unashamedly pushing the boundaries of genetic engineering. The leaders have not only modified the compound’s flora and fauna, but ten children known as the Desirables. Lanmora lives in unison with nature and the residents are proud of their inherited traits.

Vee is sixteen when she discovers she is not being restructured to be the Perfect One. The Experts use her merely as a human petri dish to benefit the other children’s advancements.

Vee’s best friend Harmony, a mute who has developed the gift of telepathy, has attracted the scientist’s greedy attention. They perform intrusive and irreversible experiments on the mute which are slowly destroying her natural blueprint.

Sensing their imminent danger, Harmony tries to encourage Vee to leave Thera. She has discovered a tunnel at the back of the compound leading through to their neighbours at Lanmora. The girls must escape for their own survival but they have subconsciously developed emotional and physical bonds with their captors. This is the only family and life they have ever known.

But it is the unveiling of a 3D printout clone of herself which shocks Vee into action. If she doesn’t escape the crazed scientists, they will not only steal and destroy her mind and body, but her soul as well.

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