#21 The Last Whisperer – YA

Title: The Last Whisperer

Age Category: YA

Genre: Historical Paranormal

Word count: 105,000


Seventeen-year-old Boudica MacLean is no ordinary Scottish lassie. While her friends are buying hair combs and flirting with lads, Boudica is preoccupied with curious marks materialising on her neck, grotesque ravens lurking outside her bedroom window, and sneaking around with the boy she has loved since forever, Aiden MacEachan.

When she is brutally savaged by a hellhound, Boudica discovers Aiden has been keeping a devastating secret. He is a vampire, and she is the last Cagairáin, an ancient race of whisperers. To the immortal undead, this makes her the most coveted human in the Highlands – for to sire Boudica is to acquire power over all other vampires.

Now, while a power-hungry baobhan sith picks off her loved ones, one by one, Boudica must decide whether to turn her back on the lad who betrayed her trust, or accept his offer to help her harness her erratic powers. The worst part is, the monster bent on possessing her is someone she holds dear to her heart, she just doesn’t realise it yet.


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