#19 Collison – YA

Title: Collision

Category: YA

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Word count:60 000


Escaping home, and then fleeing from a violent attacker, Stella lands battered and bruised in a coastal town overlooked by a ruined gaol. She has vivid dreams about the gaol when she wears her dead mother’s gold ring, discovered at the bottom of her bag. Each disturbing dream tells the story of a German prisoner of war, and his secret love affair during World War One.

Stella changes her name to Mary-Ann, and alters her appearance. The changes go deeper, as warm, smiling Mary-Ann falls in love with local boy Darcy. She hates deceiving him, pretending she is on holidays with her mother. She confides in Darcy about her flashbacks and her unsettling resemblance to the German.

She must discover the link between herself and the German soldier, and why his love affair landed her with the gold ring, and Darcy might just be the key.


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