#17 The Heir of Windwoen – YA

Title: Heir of Windwoen

Category: YA

Genre:  Christian Fantasy

Word count: 25, 000 (NOVELLA)


Gwendolyn never wanted to be royalty. But betrothed to the dashing and insufferable Rogen, who holds her sister’s heart, she feels it even ore. It’s an opportune time to escape, only she is hounded by search parties, and finally fakes her own death. She is forced to return to Windwoen, because she is fallen ill. In utmost secrecy, her sister, Malia, and the palace doctor nurse her back to health, but Malia’s wayward tongue gets the best of her, and the king’s advisor, Jahrn learns that she is alive, and his own devious plans are revealed–to steal the throne. Gwendolyn is revolted to find out that for his ascension to the throne, he must marry her.
Gwendolyn and Malia flee to the Underground, an elvish sanctuary, but they can’t hide forever. Sooner or later, they’ll have to come up and face Jahrn.
And it won’t be pretty.

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