#14 The Heart Song – YA

Title: The Heart Song

Age category: YA

Genre:  Fantasy

Word Count: 87,000


After running from her past for four hundred years, Hania discovers that her fears are about to become her present. A Golem–living being brought to life from a loved statue–she thought she was the last of her kind.  Now she learns that someone she once knew is the oppressive leader responsible for the lack of hope and compassion in America.


An understanding of the Native American history and folklore, that tells her where she came from, may be the key to her own survival. She must decide if she will open her painful history and draw from her experiences during the Trail of Tears and World War I to become the leader she needs to be.  Her journey to finding her own self-worth will make her betray her past and do things she promised herself she would never do: say goodbye to a friend, create another Golem, and fall in love.  With her unusual companions–a snarky run-away, a free-spirited musician, and an elderly medicine man–she embarks on a quest to defeat, Halleck, a leader set on controlling mankind through his army of Seminole warriors. The only way she can see to win, is to create an army of Golem women warriors.



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