#12 The Grave Clothes Laundress – YA

Title: The Grave Clothes Laundress

Age Category: YA

Genre: Fantasy (Retelling)

Word count: 52,000


The night Kaleah Fabiana’s boyfriend died, her nightmares began. Needing to understand his death and the terrifying dreams, she’s driven to discover the truth. She travels to all the places revealed in her dreams, which takes her to an underground labyrinth where she meets Elijah, the grave keeper.

After Elijah starts talking to her in her dreams, and sending her mysterious messages about the truth her nightmares hold, she confronts him. He ignores her questions, instead offering her a job as the grave clothes laundress. As they spend more time together, roaming underground catacombs and searching for clues to her boyfriend’s death, Kaleah falls for Elijah.

When her dead boyfriend appears in her dreams, begging her to join him, Kaleah is torn between a love she promised till-death-do-us-part and the romance she’s kindled with Elijah. As long as she is by Elijah’s side, her boyfriend stays out of her dreams. But now someone else is in her dreams, someone who wants to hurt her. Elijah knows how to stop the nightmares.

It’s as simple as dying.

THE GRAVE CLOTHES LAUNDRESS is a multi cultural mash-up retelling of Romeo and Juliet and The Phantom of the Opera. It’s complete at 52,000 words.


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