#1 Sketchy Moments – YA

Title: Sketchy Moments

Age Category: YA

Genre: Contemporary

Word count: 53,000


After the most humiliating incident of his life, Elliot “Andreas” Sharpe moves to another foster home armed only with three scars, a locket, and the determination not to like his new family. All Elliot wants is a break: some time off from being the butt of every joke and a few weeks where he doesn’t have to hear the words “Home Kid” even once. Then theBlanchards, his new fosters, are welcome to send him along to the next placement, and they can all go about their merry way.


But then he starts to enjoy their company – and he wonders if they like him just as much. When he overhears his foster parents considering his adoption, it seems Elliot may finally receive his third chance at a real family.


Until the unexpected socks him in the face yet again, crushing the fragile security he thought he had. As Elliot draws painfully close to losing the girl he loves like a sister, the boy must choose: run for the hills before things get ugly or risk being hurt worse than ever before.

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