YA Review: Cracked by Clare Strahan


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At fifteen, Clover is finding the going tougher than she expected. Her life is close to being derailed on the rocky terrain of family, friendship, first love, acts of defiance and a planet on the brink of environmental disaster. So when Keek breaks his promise to her, and school sucks, and her mother is impossible, and her beloved old dog is dying, and her dad is in the wind, and the girls at school are awful and the footy-boys are bullies and she’s arrested for vandalism – well, what else can she be but a little bit broken? Can Clover pull herself together – or will she spiral further out of control?

When life feels like it’s fracturing, how do you find a way to feel whole?


Cracked is published this June by Allen & Unwin! Watch out for it!


I’ve got a confession! I didn’t actually expect to like this book. BUT! While I have a few crabby comments to make, I’m giving it 4-stars because I totally enjoyed it.

Characters? These are the BEST part of this book! When I say “I love well-written main characters and secondary characters”? THIS book shows how it should be done! ‘Scuse me, I must grin garishly. Clover is our narrator, who starts the book at 15 and ends 17. To put it plainly: she’s a freak. She doesn’t fit in evvvver. (Never heard THAT one before, right?) Despite how cliché it appears on the outside, it’s terrifically written. Plus, since Clover is Aussie, it was awesomely good to hear about Aussie freaks (as opposed to American freaks, or whatnot). Also, her mother is into Steiner things. 

I liked that it talked about something so “different” as Steiner…but I was annoyed at how it didn’t explain things. I personally know a lot about Steiner methods because I have family who talk about it a lot. But that’s not common! (I think?) So explanations wouldn’t have gone amiss. (And if YOU want to know more about Steiner and Waldorf education systems…Wikipedia is your friend.)

But wait! Let me talk about Keek! I ship him and Clover SO STINKIN’ HARD it’s exhausting me. And they don’t even “like each other in that way”…pfft. Please. You two are adorable, just get together already. 
So? Downsides? I really hate to say this: but I was bored. I WAS. While the characters are enough to sway me into raving about this book, the plot…it meanders. It flops. It incorporates lots of little scenes that just about sent me napping.

I liked this book, but let’s just say, I’m not fangirling wildly. I would have liked to see more meaningful plot about these teens who are finding their way in life. From 80% onwards it’s absolutely terrific. Also: criminal stuff happens, which was hugely interesting to read about. Definitely an Aussie author to watch out for!


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  1. Sounds interesting. I hadn’t heard of Steiner before so I would have been reading it going ??? if it wasn’t explained. Great review, thanks for sharing 🙂



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