Twelve awesome bookends (not book ends)

Last month I asked what your favourite book endings were; the Happily Ever After won two to one, which isn’t really a surprise.

This month I’m going to show you pretty pictures of my favourite book accessory: the bookend. Because the parallel makes me laugh, and the theme gives me an excuse to spend an hour on Pinterest and Etsy. Also, there’s nothing to make your bookshelf look more classy or cheery than a well-placed bookend.

Excuse me… *wanders off*

Okay, here are twelve awesome bookmarks that I’ve decided I absolutely must own RIGHT NOW.

For Your Childrens Books

I’m not the only one with a child who has hundreds of books, am I? Although if I got these I’d be putting them with my own books…

For Your Comic Book Collection

I couldn’t pass up including this when I saw it.

For Your Science Fiction Collection


Source – these are 3D printed too, which makes them even more sci-fi

For Your Historical Fiction

(I’m looking at you, Katie!)

For That Lovecraftian Horror

For Your Fairytales and Fantasy

For Your Contemporary Fiction

Do you have a favourite bookend? Link it below so I can add it to my wishlist.

Cassandra Page is a reader and writer who really needs more space on her bookshelves so she has room for all these pretty bookends…and more books.

Cassandra Page


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