Keeping time (and other myths)

Today I’m here to talk to you about keeping time, and other myths that I pretend are real.

Yes, at the moment, I am in denial. Keeping time is hard.

When I first started writing, I thought time was this thing that you could keep aside. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that finding the time to write was easy! But there always seemed to be a solution, be it getting up half an hour earlier (hello, 4:30am, it’s nice to meet you!), writing on my lunch break, or jotting down a few words in front of the television.


Infinity Time Spiral

Recently, I’ve discovered that time is much harder to keep than that. I’ve become a full-time freelance editor, and discovered I have developed this horrible problem: I can’t say no. Which is great, as I have lots of clients. And not so great, because I have zero time to write.

I’m not exaggerating. With my current workload, to keep on top I need to work seven days a week, ten-hour days minimum. And that’s before I add in time for blog posts and other Internet promotion.

Still, this isn’t a ‘doom and gloom’ style post. Despite all of this, I am squeezing some writing in. It’s just that now, it’s not so easy. I plot while I walk the dogs in the morning. I jot down notes in my phone about key character motives while I’m in line at the supermarket. I’ve even started sketching out story lines during the important wedding planning meetings my sister is making me attend (and I guess, since I’m the bride, she has a point. Although when she takes my sketch pad to see the style of dress I want and discovers a picture of a bottle of Charteuse, she’s rarely impressed).

Keeping time? I’m not doing it at the moment. However, after practising the ‘N’ word I hope to in a few months’ time.

Scraping little scraps of time together? Hell yes I am! And it’ll just have to do for now.

Lauren K. McKellar is an editor and author. For editing enquiries after July 2014, feel free to visit her website,



  1. Making time to write is very difficult and one of my biggest struggles. Between kids, husband, house and extended family there’s always something getting in the way! J.K. Rowling said, and I paraphrase, “Be selfish about your writing time.” I’ve learned when I set aside time, I protect it like a mother bear, letting nothing get in the way!



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