Vampire Academy #giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone. Today we’re bringing you something a bit different, and fun. Who loves Vampire Academy? Well we have bookworld here with a chance for you to win stuff. Here that STUFF! Here’s they are:


Vampire Academy Competition for all the Dhampir’s and Moroi’s Out There!


Vampire Academy is Richelle Mead’s popular young adult fantasy series that has created a buzz among readers of the YA genre since it was first published in 2007.  It tells the story of Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir who serves as a guardian for her best friend Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi vampire princess.


In the first book of the series, the story revolves around the girls’ adventures on how they will go against the Strigois, evil undead vampires who are after Lissa. In order for this to happen, they have to go back to St. Vladimir’s Academy where Rose will be involved in a forbidden romance with Dimitri Belikov, her instructor.


The second book, Frostbite, was published in 2008. Rose is still in love with Dimitri but she thinks he is in love with another girl. The battle against the Strigois still continues, and the Academy is on high alert after a massive attack at their school. Rose needs to join forces with Lissa’s boyfriend Christian, a Moroi, to ensure the princess’ safety.


The third book, Shadow Kiss, was also published in 2008, seven months after the release of its predecessor. The story begins with Rose preparing for the exam for all the guardian novices at the Academy. However, she is having a hard time dealing with school and practice as she keeps experiencing dark flashbacks and terrifying dreams about the tragic incident that happened with her friend, and about Lissa. She is also falling deeply for Dimitri and realizes this as she prepares for the deadliest Strigoi attack in Moroi history.


The fourth book, Blood Promise, was published in 2009. Rose’s life has changed after the deadly attack of the Strigois at their Academy that claimed thousands of lives. The Strigois took Dimitri with them and now Rose is facing a dilemma of whether she should she leave Lissa and rescue Dimitri and if she is capable of destroying him if need be.


The fifth and sixth books, Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice, were both published in 2010. In Spirit Bound, graduation is near and Rose’s heart still aches for Dimitri as she replays her decision to not submit to his ultimatum. In Last Sacrifice, the last book of the series, Rose and Lissa find themselves in a complicated situation and have to figure out if they are willing to sacrifice each other for true freedom.


In 2013, Vampire Academy was adapted into a movie starring Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry and is directed by Mark Waters. Fans of Vampire Academy have been anticipating the release of this film which hit cinemas in Australia earlier this month. Bookworld is giving VA fans a chance to win the ultimate Vampire Academy fan pack that includes a book set signed by Richelle Mead, and and tickets for you and nine friends to go see the film! Simply review any of the six Vampire Academy books on their website and complete the details on their Facebook page. The best review will win, so be creative! The competiton ends on March 19th so be quick!

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