You guys, guest posts are HARD

When I was asked to write guest posts for my upcoming blog tour it took days, weeks, for-freaking-ever! I cried, I screamed, I told my hubby I couldn’t do it. There was even a little bit of this:


It wasn’t until the third night in a row and my voice hoarse from whining “I can’t do this.” That we pinned down the problem.

I’m a writer, an introvert, a listener. I don’t like talking about me. I like listening when other people talk about them, so to write a guest post about me or my book felt really uncomfortable. Just like sitting in a room of people and talking about myself would make me splutter, um, and ah. Once I realized this, things got a whole lot easier. I understood why every single post I started to write turned into a piece of writing advice; my subconscious was steering the topic away from me.

The interviews were easy, they were guided and they weren’t too personal. In most instances. I finally got my way around the guest posts though. After I realized what the problem was, I started approaching them differently. Picking something about my book and sticking to that for the entire post, making sure I didn’t veer off into ‘how to’.  I wrote posts about my bad boy main character, about angst in romance, about my boy next door, and I even wrote about what inspired my story. I think the key to a good guest post is finding something that makes you feel and then running with that topic.

What about you guys… do you find guest posts hard or I am the only wuss?

Wish me luck next week!

Stacey Nash

Stacey Nash is a self proclaimed introvert, currently gearing up for the release of her debut YA Scifi, NEXT WEEK. You can catch her via the usual mediums; website, twitter, facebook, or pinterest.


  1. It’s mostly guest post TOPICS I find hard. If someone says “I want you to come onto the blog and talk about your book/writing,” I can jump for joy. If it’s “would you like to write a post [about absolutely anything in the world, but probably not your own writing]?” I don’t know what fills the space.
    Good on you for getting around that speedbump, though. Once one finds a formula, it does become easy[ier], doesn’t it?



    1. Hi Georgia! Always nice to meet a kindred spirit. Us introverts need to stick together.

      As for gifs, If you follow the link below the one in this post it will take you to a website called GifSoup. It’s a great place for gif making and takes you through the process step by step. Have fun! 🙂



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