Time to take a break.

Sometimes it pays to take a break from things…including writing!


Wait…what did you say? Take a break? That’s just craziness. Off you go…you need your head seen to!

No, I really mean it. Step away from the computer, get up off that chair, get a fresh perspective.

Writing can become stale (I hear those gasps…sacrilege!) when all you do is sit and write and never take a break. And I’m not just talking about a quick coffee break, I mean a REAL break. Preferably outside if possible, away from home even.

Have you ever gone to the beach or gone on a holiday and come home relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on the world (or at least the next few weeks). A break truly does give you fresh eyes and a new perspective on things, including your writing.

A break also offers endless possibilities for new ideas. People watch, daydream, do something totally different in a totally different place. It will do wonders for your writing.

So if you’re feeling a bit stale, shut that laptop and walk away. It may only take a few hours away, it may take months, but I can guarantee that when you do come back to it you’ll be able to produce something new and fresh; maybe even the next bestseller.


Suse is currently taking a break from writing, who knows when she’ll be back into it, hopefully sooner rather than later. When she does she’s hoping for that next elusive bestseller story to explode into her mind and excrete itself from her fingertips onto paper.

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