Introducing… Heather Bryant

Oh hey there!

My name’s Heather and I’m a total bookaholic.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one part of the new review duo and I just have to say, I already love this team so darn much!

Other than that I work full time as the store manager of a place-that-will-not-be-named. I am studying a Bachelor of Communication with a double major in PR and Media Production. I have two dogs, two kittens, an axolotyl, and one husband. My guilty pleasure show is The Carrie Diaries and I’m not even sure why because I HATE SEBASTIAN KID. That guy has a bizarrely punch-able face.


I work with teenagers which makes it a fair bit easier to write for teenagers and at the moment I have one WIP relatively done, one WIP that’s being rewritten (yet again), and about seven different books or series plotted out and waiting.

I love to draw (badly), sing (badly), dance (badly), and write poetry (REALLY badly). Basically, I take full advantage of any creative avenues but the only two I’ve really taken time to get good at is writing and media production. The others, I’m okay with being crap at. I’m the only one who sees them anyway.

I’m happy to review anything traditionally or self-published. If it sounds like something I’d be interested in I don’t care how it gets into my hands, just gimme already.

When “The Originals” of Aussie Owned first intro-ed themselves, they chose an Aussie icon that best suited themselves and why. Because I thought this was TOTES adorable I’ve decided to do this too. So which Aussie icon did I choose?

Drum roll please.


The kookaburra.

Such a tiny little bugger with a massive set of lungs sums me up pretty well. I always find things to laugh at, and yes, I’m usually the only one laughing. Plus, all that energy gets pretty annoying at 4am (I’m an early riser) and you can’t help but love it anyway.

I tweet (or Kooka-call) over here if you want to see a random use of caps and loads of exclamation points.

It’s so exciting to meet you all! Now, any other bookaholics out there?


  1. Aww, I’ve always loved kookaburra. It’s so cute and fluffy! Not being an Aussie, I’ve not actually seen/heard it in the wild, but, still… *shrugs* I had a lot of kookaburra toys when I was little.
    Nice intro. Can’t wait to see the reviews you do. 🙂



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