Introducing…Cait Drews

G’day everyone!

I am new.

Well, also, I’m Cait Drews, I’m a hungry reader of books, and this is my very first post on Aussie Owned and Read! I’m one of the two new reviewers! This is intensely exciting (as you might tell from my overuse of exclamation marks)! Okay, okay…I’ll calm down. And I’ll introduce myself. I’m nice like that.

Where am I from? Australia! More specifically, New South Wales. I’m 19 and live in my bookshelves. (Okay, I really live in a house with my awesome family.)

What do I do? I read! Oh-kaaaay, I also do other boring, useful things, like run a home-business (recycling books into art, would you believe. The irony doesn’t escape me). I’m also a dedicated minion to tiny overlords who eat play-dough and throw duplo blocks at my head (a.k.a. I’m a babysitter).

And, I  write. (Surprise, surprise!) I’m a young-adult author. Any YA genre, seriously, hit me with it, because I’ll try to write it. I’m agented by Polly Nolan of Greenhouse Literary, UK. Which is awesome. I want to either a) be famous or b) be a chocolate-taste-tester (oompa-loompa?).

Favourite authors? Ahhh, I have so many! I’m a huge fan of Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Maggie Stiefvater. I’ll devour books by John Green, John Flanagan, Cath Crowley, or Steph Bowe any day.

How do I review books? I tend to let the feels speak. Basically:

No spoilers! Plenty of feels! Fangirling! And the occasional GIF!

I’m really excited to be part of Aussie Owned and Read. You’ll most likely see me one Saturday a month, and I’ll show you a fabulous book to drool over. If you want to catch me elsewhere, I blog at Notebook Sisters (about…books, and writing, and GIFs), and I tweet.  Feel free to friend me on Goodreads if you want to watch me squee over books.


    1. Also, I realise I’ve not yet asked you about your agent journey.Did it happen quicker than you expected? Did you get THE CALL or something different? 😀



  1. Hi Cait,
    I’ve seen some amazing things reproduced out of old books. Like Stacey, I’d love to see what you do with them 🙂
    Lovely post 🙂



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