NA Review: “Before” by Nicola Marsh


Good girls finish last? Screw that.

Being a small town girl isn’t so bad. Unless Mom’s the town joke and I’ve spent my entire life shying away from her flamboyance. College in Las Vegas should be so much cooler. But it’s not. Bad things happen. Real bad.

So when my brother Reid offers me an all-expenses paid vacation to Australia for a month, I am so there. Discounting the deadly snakes on the outback cattle station, I should be safe.
Until I meet Jack.

Jack defines bad boy and then some. He’s big, buffed, bronzed, and hotter than any guy I’ve ever met. His sexy Aussie accent makes me melt. And the guy can cook.
But he’s my brother’s new bestie and he lives on the other side of the world. There’s no future for us.
Is there?

All right…first of all I must put a warning up for this book…it is NA and intended for 17 years and over as it contains adult content/language/situations as stated by Amazon in the listing…it is NOT a YA story.

Right, with that out of the way let me begin…

I REALLY enjoyed this book. Apart from a rather graphic, and in my opinion gratuitous, sex scene in the very beginning of the book and the fact that the Australian male protagonist used miles instead of kilometres, it really hit the right buttons for me.

It was hilarious, I was giggling all the way through. The back and forth sexy conversations between Jess and Jack were so clever and sometimes embarrassing, but also very sweet. I laughed and I ultimately cried at the end, with an ending that did not end how these sorts of books usually do. I liked that…a lot. I love surprises and I honestly thought, “Oh here we go…another love story with the same ending.” However, I had to amend that thought. I was really pleased to find a different ending.

Of course, the fact that the story was set in Australia, and North Queensland no less (GO QUEENSLANDER!!!), gave it extra brownie points. The description of the country side was beautiful and not over the top. However, Jack uses a lot of colloquial Aussie-isms and some of them I hadn’t even heard of. There’s only so much even an Aussie can take, but in saying that, I’ve read books with far more and far worse.

Overall, a great read, albeit a fairly short one (I finished it in about 2.5 to 3 hours). Like I said before, not a YA, but if you’re 17 and over then I reckon give it a shot.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon (and a little birdie told me it’s only 99c at the moment, so get in QUICK!)

AOaR_3star (3)

Suse is a Mad-keen reader and a Wannabe writer with two cheeky little girls and a very busy husband. She enjoys chocolate, sherry and late night reading…although she does NOT enjoy having to get up early the next morning after said late night reading.


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