Local or International

Right…it’s time for another Aussie Owned and Read poll…who’s ready???

Good! I knew you were 😉

LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(don’t mind me and the little thing I have for Johnny Depp ;))

So, as this post title suggests, I’m going to be asking you whether you are drawn to local authorial talent, or the talents of international authors (so, and this is where it might get confusing, whatever country you’re in, that’s local for you. Everything else is, well, international – clear as mud, right?)

I, for one, seem to lean toward international authors (non-Aussies)  first. I don’t know why, and many of you are probably going…



Okay, I get that, and it’s a fair point. That doesn’t mean to say I ONLY like international books. I LOVE Australian books, I mean , Marchetta’s “On The Jellicoe Road” is one of my all time favourites, but if someone hadn’t mentioned it or plain out told me to read it I can’t honestly say that I would have. And that would have been super sad, because it is such an AMAZING book.

So, when you look at the bookstore shelf (or digital shelf if you’re that way inclined), which do you automatically reach for? Local or International?


Suse is working on several WIPs at once, is a relief teacher AND and Tupperware lady. You can follow her on twitter and Facebook and at The Scribbling Post


  1. Oh! This is a good question. I voted international as well, although I tend to choose books these days based on pretty covers and recommendations from friends. And I have a few authors who I will read anything they publish. A couple of them are local 🙂 but the majority of books on my shelves are by OS authors.



  2. There are specific authors that I am drawn to but as a whole it does not seem to matter much which part of the planet they inhabit.

    With one exception.

    There is one pattern in my reading that I identified a few years ago. For some reason I am strongly drawn to female Australian fantasy authors.Trudi Canavan, Jennifer Fallon, Juliet Marillier, Kate Forsyth, Sara Douglass and Glenda Larke are all on my favorites list.

    So I guess I’ll have to go with international too.



  3. I voted international. It’s not a conscious choice, I just naturally gravitate that way. Often I have no idea where the author is from until after I read the book and hit the bio. I do have a few author authors that I love though.



  4. I actually vote local. The majority of books I read ARE international, because I find that’s what’s marketed big (as opposed to the local bookshops in my tiny corner of Oz, where they don’t even get in the new releases… -_- Very frustrating). So when I DO find an Australian book, I jump for it. This is a really good question!



  5. I used to always buy international but these days it’s more about the genre and reputation/world of mouth rather than where the person who wrote it is from. I still buy more international writers’ books, but that’s just because there are more of them. :p



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