Book to Movie Poll & Interview with Mundie Mom, Emmaly. #TMImovie

I know, this is our regular poll spot, but I’m going to do something a little different today. I have a special guest to talk about The Mortal Instruments (TMI) movie with us and I’m going to follow it up with a poll. Please welcome Aussie Mundie Mom, Emmaly.

You attended the premier of TMI! Tell us about it.

I attended the World Premiere of The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones in LA on the 12th August. I am a moderator, and help out on the Mundie Moms Forum and blog. Upon arriving in LA, I was very well looked after and shown around by Katie from Mundie Moms, Erin from Fangirlish and Alyssa from TMI Source. It was kind of like meeting fan site royalty. The night before the premiere we had been given tickets to the premiere to give away so we went to visit the people camping out at the premiere venue. There I got to meet Harold Zwart the director and his wife Veslemøy Ruud Zwart who was a co producer on the film. They were so sweet and brought soup for the people camping out.

On premiere day it was awesome to hang out with other fans and to get glimpses of the stars while watching the film for the first time!! The day after the premiere some of the cast plus the Author Cassandra Clare and Harald Zwart made an appearance at a Mall in LA. Over 1,000 people lined up for the 200 wrist bands that allowed autograph signing access. I was lucky enough to have press pass which gave me front row access as well as being able to meet the cast and Cassie.

photo (5)

The cast at the LA Mall appearance.
Robert Sheehan, Jamie Cambell Bower, Lilly Collins, Kevin Zegers with Cassandra Clare, and Harold Zwart.
Photo (c) Emmaly Gridley 2013

Stacey here again. I have a few questions for you, Emmaly. Firstly, and probably the most difficult question. Cassandra Clare created such a vivid world with life like characters. As a Shadow Hunter (hardcore TMI fan), do you think the movie did the book justice?

I really think the movie did do the book justice. As always, a movie is never identical to the book otherwise it would be 7 hours long, but this was a really good. I loved how magical they made the movie, how detailed the institute was and how the world was represented. And the cast were amazing they all became the characters perfectly.

I think I agree with you on all counts. I’m so jealous that you were at the LA premiere with representatives from the biggest TMI fan sites. What was the vibe like at the premiere?

The vibe was a lot of excitement. To finally see the book most of us have lived and breathed since 2007 come to life was amazing. And it was awesome to meet other Shadowhunters like myself who had travelled so far to be there. A young girl around 16 had convinced her Dad to come with her from London. We ended up giving them tickets to the premiere but none of that was guaranteed before her arrival, now that is dedication!

Wow! The TMI fandom is really one of the strongest. I’ve seen Cassandra Clare put out twitter calls to make hashtag trends and the fans make it happen. Every. Single. Time. Speaking of fandoms, Mundie Moms is one of the biggest TMI fansites. How to you get involved with Mundie Moms? (AND for our followers not familiar with TMI terms, a Mundie is a human, non-super being.)

I first discovered Mundie Moms about 3 years ago when my son who was 11 at the time was devouring books on an almost daily basis and looking for more. I was also looking for books to read and those we could read together. When I came across Mundie Moms I was excited to find like minded women of a similar age to me who had kids similar ages to me as well. As I chatted to them more and more on twitter, I discovered Sophie who does reviews on the blog, lived a parallel life to me in Reno NV with a son and daughter the same age as me and all of us had similar reading interests. One thing led to another and they were looking for more help as their site grew, especially on the forum, and they asked me if I would help. Of course I jumped at the chance and now I mainly post on the forum linking back to the blog and chatting with people there all things TMI/ID which is the best job in the world.

That certainly sounds like fun. Getting back on topic; as a huge fan what did you think of the casting? I mean, sometimes that’s the thing they get really wrong in book to movie adaptations. Do you think they got it right for TMI?

I loved the casting. I am one of the few who loved Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace right from the start. I knew Jace was not a big hulky guy but a wiry strong teenage boy. And on screen he pulled off Jace so well!  I loved the rest of the cast too, Lilly as Clary was perfect and Robert as Simon was just spot on.

#JamieisJace, right! He really oozed the Jace attitude. You were lucky enough to the see cast interviews in person. Is Jamie like Jace all the time, or just on screen?  

I’d say Jamie is more humble than Jace and a bit quieter. I think because he has been involved in other fandoms before (The Twilight and Harry Potter Movies) he seems the most comfortable yet the most humble of the cast. He’s not too bad to look at either.

Agreed! JCB is pretty cute. But that wasn’t the highlight, I heard you experienced the ultimate fan moment, you met Cassandra Clare! What was that like? (I totally would have cried and made a fool of myself.)

I briefly got to meet Cassie once before when she came to Melbourne in 2011 for the City of Fallen Angels release. But that time was only as a fan in an autograph line. This time I didn’t get much more time with her. They were so busy being whisked away after the Mall Tour event, but she is so lovely and down to earth.  I was all professional at the time, but I may have had my crazy fangirl moment to myself later on my own. LOL.

photo (7)

Cassandra Clare and Emmaly.

I’m still jealous! To finish up, QUICK, list five things you loved about the movie and five things you less than loved.


  • I loved the magic. The way the institute looked, the way the doors locked etc.
  • The cast were perfect they looked and acted the parts better than anyone could expect.
  • Jamie as Jace.
  • Jace Vs Simon banter.
  • The fierce mum in Jocelyn.


  • Magnus needed pants, in fact snappy $4,000 tailored pants.
  • Valentine does not need dreads. He would be much more clean. Leather pants were ok 😉
  • Demi Lovato song in the Greenhouse scene, too cheesy.
  • No mention of Parabatai, it would explain Jace and Alec’s relationship better.

Can’t think of a 5th thing, that is good right?

I’ll let you off the hook. Thanks for visiting us, Emmaly! It was a great to get a closer insight into this month’s hottest YA book to movie adaptation.If you want to connect with Emmaly you can find her at the following places;

 Mundie Moms Website | Mundie Moms Twitter | Emmaly on Twitter

Now for our Poll.

What is the best YA book to movie adaption? And in the comments, we’d love to know what you thought of TMI, if you’ve seen it.  



Stacey Nash

Stacey Nash is a huge TMI fan and really liked the movie adaptation. She really believes that Jamie is Jace and hops to write a character as snarky as him one day. You can catch Stacey on twitter, facebook or at her blog.

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