The people-free YA cover poll

There’s a stereotype about young adult covers: that they all involve a girl (often with her face obscured), wearing a ballgown and looking gorgeous. And I love a ballgown cover as much as the next girl—maybe even more, looking at my favourite covers on my Pinterest account. But there are a ton of YA covers out there that don’t have people on them at all!

I collected some nominations over at my personal blog (here, if you’re curious to see who picked what). The rules were that animals were okay, but people weren’t—not even an eye or a blurry face. We also had a couple of nominations for multiple books by the same author; in those cases, I picked my favourite to show you here.

Please, have a look and vote at the bottom for your favourite. (They are listed in alphabetical order by title, if you’re wondering!)

"Burn" by Addison Moore

“Burn” by Addison Moore

“Eternal” by Gillian Shields

"Half-Blood" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“Half-Blood” by Jennifer L. Armentrout

"Insurgent" by Veronica Roth

“Insurgent” by Veronica Roth

"Ketchup Clouds" by Annabel Pitcher

“Ketchup Clouds” by Annabel Pitcher

"Pulse" by Patrick Carman

“Pulse” by Patrick Carman

"Sacrifice" by K.A. Last

“Sacrifice” by K.A. Last

"Side Effects May Vary" by Julie Murphy

“Side Effects May Vary” by Julie Murphy

"Siege and Storm" by Leigh Bardugo

“Siege and Storm” by Leigh Bardugo

"The Alchemyst" by Michael Scott

“The Alchemyst” by Michael Scott

"The Steele Wolf" by Chanda Hahn

“The Steele Wolf” by Chanda Hahn

*NB Graceling has been removed from the poll because there was an eye reflected in the sword’s blade.

Voting ends at 11.59pm, Sydney time, on 31 July. The results will be posted on 1 August. 🙂


  1. A lot of good covers there! I’m all for the quirky and drawings rather than photography, so I voted for Side Effects May Vary, but they are nearly all books I would pick up from their covers. I also loved Ketchup Clouds. That book sounds very interesting.



    1. Great catch Corey! We didn’t notice the reflection of the eye in the blade. Cass is moving house, so asked me to respond on her behalf. Graceling has now been disqualified.



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