Winners Announced: Team Ull Prizes

Thanks to everyone who supported, cheered, and voted for #TeamUll during the NA Crush Tourney. We may not have made it through to the final rounds, but we took on a Random House bestseller and held our ground against it for 24 hours. All thanks to our fabulous friends and team mates. We would have loved to award prizes to every single one of you, but alas we had to choose only four. After much discussion, we decided…
winner gif photo: We have a winner - ding ding ding smiley gif bell_winner-bf_zpsd66b39e6.gif


  • $15 Amazon gift card AND an advanced copy of Endre, the sequel to Elsker, before publication. Donated by Entranced Publishing.

Eliza’s Skarsgard meme’s kept the whole team, and all of twitter drooling for days. I mean, look at these examples!

ULL MY GODimage001

  • $10 Amazon gift card.

Stephanie Wardrop’s daily blog post featuring a meme and a reason to vote Ull showed not only creativity but dedication. Check them out. Reason #1 , reason #2, reason #3, reason #4 (WARNING sexy Alexander Skarsgard Pics)

  • $10 Amazon gift card.

Vincent Morrone’s epic plea to the people of earth to use their voting power wisely had us all in stitches.  Read it and have a good laugh.

  • $10 Amazon gift card.

Melinda Dozier wrote a lovely post with 10 fabulous reasons to vote Ull, this one made ST tear up. Melinda also created the Hei Hei Jente we used in the Tourney Post. You can read it here.
We also drew the winners of the Elsker rafflecopter. Congratulations to Lyndsey Aaron and Victoria Smith. You each won an e-book of ELsker. We hope you enjoy meeting Ull.
Winners, we will be in contact with your prizes soon. Thanks again to every single one of you. Aussie Owned and ST Bende are grateful for your support. we also really enjoyed getting to know you all.

Leave a comment. We love hearing from you.

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