Ull’s Advocate Post. AKA Please vote today.

You know how we’ve been championing Ull for the past week and a bit? Well today’s the day it’s all lead up to.

This post is on NA Alley today, please visit HERE and scroll to the bottom where you can vote for Ull.  Each and every vote counts, we’re underdogs in this competition, up against a NYT best seller. But Ull is a worthy opponent.


Hei Hei.

Stacey here from Aussie Owned and Read. You may wonder what an Aussie girl is doing advocating a Norse God from Scandinavia. Well, it’s a match made in heaven, really. I love eating waffles and Ull loves to make them. I couldn’t be more excited to represent my all-time favourite NA Crush, Ull Myhr. When I first read Elsker I fell in love with Ull right along with Kristia. He has bad boy appeal, but really, underneath he’s as sweet as his waffles. Pun, umm… yeah. Anyway, once a fierce warrior of Asgard, Ull got tired of all the killing, and requested a new role. He’s now the Norse God of Winter, and the most eligible bachelor on Campus at Cardiff University.

So, you want to know about Ull’s personality? He’s loyal, fierce, and noble. He knows how to fight and won’t hesitate to use his skills for good cause. He’s ranked #2 in Asgard’s Total Kills. (Asgard is the realm of Norse Gods) Have I proven how badass he is yet? Because he’s pretty damn badass! Once, he quelled a dark elf uprising almost single handedly.

So, you want to know what going on a date with the Norse God of Winter would be like? Think romantic trips to castles, moonlit walks, making out with your back pressed hard up against a trunk (and we’re not talking about Ull’s manhood, here) and being whisked away to the country for a romantic holiday in a cottage. He’ll send you flowers, respect your wishes, open car doors and did we mention making out pressed up against a tree? Yeah… Despite this, he has a heart of gold and would do anything for the girl he loves. In case I can’t convince you, here’s Kristia:

“Ull’s eyes flickered towards mine without a hint of remorse. ‘I was protecting you.’”

“He wasn’t upset about his own fate. He was upset that he might jeopardize mine.”

And straight from Ull himself;

“Be careful… you could choose much better company than me.”

“If you were to become a part of my family… you would suffer the same fate as the rest of us. I cannot let you die on my account.”

“Despite my choice to live in your realm, I keep your kind at arm’s length — I generally try to follow Asgardian law.”

TeamULL_3 (4)

Reason #1 to Love Ull: Not even imminent death can keep a Norse god from the girl he loves.

So you want to know about Ull’s looks? He’s the Norse God of Winter, need I say more? Norse Gods have a reputation for rocking bods: think abs as hard as steel, biceps that could swing a sword with ease (or pull a girl close, real tight up against his rock hard chest, so you could hear his heartbeat, your body pressed to his and… ahem, is it hot in here?).

Ull has bad boy appeal. He stood up to his Dad to try and protect the girl he loves. He’s brooding and has rugged good looks and arsenal of weapons, but he has good boy appeal too, in his collection of cashmere. Who doesn’t love a man that knows how to dress!

In Kristia’s words Ull is,

“The cutest guy on campus.”


“He had eyes as blue as the cloudless sky, cheekbones as chiseled as pictures I’d seen of the Alps, and lips the pale pink of my grandmother’s roses. His jaw was square and strong with a hint of stubble, and his nose looked like it was lifted off a Roman statue. It was more beauty than any one person should have. Heaven almighty, was this guy for real?”

When I think of Ull, I think Alexander Skarsgard. Ull’s author ST Bende says Skarsgard was the inspiration for Ull’s appearance. Or this guy, this is our Ull.

UllNATourney (5)

Reason #2 to Love Ull: He’s got abs of steel and a heart of gold.

What do you mean Ull’s looks and personality aren’t enough? You want extra stuff? Man, you guys are tough to convince.

Fun Facts about Ull

  • He’s Thor’s stepson.
  • He gives a killer foot rub.
  • He loves his grandmother, Olaug.
  • He’s a loyal friend.
  • Although the fates told him when and where he’s meet his true love, he stubbornly resisted a possible future because he knew he was fated to die at Ragnarok—the battle destined to destroy Asgard and Earth.
  • He once wiped out an entire camp of evil of giants before breakfast.
  • He’ll take you on a sunset picnic then save you from the Norse apocalypse.
  • He can break up a dark elf uprising, but he’ll never break your heart.

Reason #3 to Love Ull: He’s an immortal warrior who still takes time to send his girl flowers.

To conclude, Ull is totally crush worthy and if his heart of gold and romantic notions don’t win you over, then maybe his step dad Thor can convince you with his Mjölnir (hammer).

Reason #1 to VOTE ULL: He’ll risk his immortality to save your soul.


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