#9 Otherworldly – YA

Author: Jami Montgomery
Title: Otherworldly
Audience Age: YA
Genre: Supernatural
Word Count: 84,000

The dead should stay dead. Oftentimes, they don’t.
Robbie McKnight was seventeen the night he died. A car accident, or so the press said. But his girlfriend, Johanna, has always doubted that story. A peek into his coffin before the burial showed her that Robbie was definitely not in a car accident. He was murdered.
Two years have passed, and suddenly Robbie is back. As a ghost. He was released from a place known as Otherworld, and now it’s up to him and Johanna to figure out why. A quick chat with Robbie’s parents reveals more about life and death than they ever could have imagined. Soon Robbie is working for an organization of Reapers known as Reaper Protocol in their mission to find the man who murdered twenty-five of their members. He also happens to be the man who murdered Robbie.
It turns out that tracking down a murderer isn’t the hardest part: staying alive is. As Protocol tries to keep Robbie under their control and kill Johanna for learning their secret, everything the two teenagers thought they knew is questioned. And amidst the chaos is a secret so deep, a destiny so unclear, that Otherworld and Earth may never be the same again.


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