#5 Eating Sarah – NA

Title: Eating Sarah
Author: Jaret Martens
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Suspense/thriller
Word count: 75,000

Fall is ending, hunger runs rampant, and Sarah is a cannibal. In the deep forests of the Rocky Mountains, Sarah lives in a community of man-eaters. Ever since she was young, all she could dream about was participating in The Hunt — a monthly event in which her people sneak into the nearby cities and villages to gather food. When her first Hunt ends in catastrophe, and one of her only friends is lost, Sarah is sentenced to work in the slaughter shack.


Amongst the dead and dying, she is introduced to Troy: a man she knows she will be forced to kill. As her life crumbles around her, her feelings for Troy grow, along with the knowledge that if anyone discovers her secret she will find herself in his place. With nowhere to turn, and Troy’s time running out, Sarah becomes set on leaving.


Yet, leaving will not be so easy. In accordance with their laws, to leave would be to dishonor the family name and, in turn, cause their deaths. In addition, with suspicions of mutiny within the colony rising, everyone is being watched. And then there are the bodies, the ones that are unmistakably their own, complete with missing limbs and markings that oddly look like bite marks.


No one is safe and nobody can be trusted. 


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