#24 No Such Thing- YA

Manuscript Title: No Such Thing
Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh
Age group: YA
Genre: Southern Gothic
Word count: 60,000

It’s easy to overlook an old house being reclaimed by the woods; it’s a common sight near Candor, North Carolina, where seventeen-year-old Virginia “Dare” Cleaster lives with her family. But on a sweaty summer night, Dare and her ex-boyfriend Bobby unintentionally wake something sinister that’s been dormant in the crumbling Waters residence for years, and it refuses to be ignored.

Dare doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the tragic spirit of Atheleen Waters appearing to her all over town quickly changes her mind.  As Dare and her friends are drawn into the mystery surrounding Atheleen’s life and untimely death, it soon becomes clear that she isn’t a troubled apparition seeking closure. She’s a twisted killer driven mad by love, and death hasn’t made her the least bit remorseful for her crimes.

Now Dare must figure out how to lay her powerful spirit to rest before Atheleen can add to the body count she began over a hundred and fifty years ago.

My young adult novel NO SUCH THING is a blend of Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Texas Gothic and Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.  It will appeal to older teen readers interested in the supernatural.


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