#2 Gyre – NA

Manuscript Title: GYRE

Author: Jessica Harvey

Age group: NA

Genre: Fantasy

Word count: 73,000

In seaQuest DSV meets Marianne Curely’s The Named, twenty-one-year-old Chelsea’s discovery of an Atlantean outpost in the mid-Atlantic puts not only the life of Trevor Boncore—her twice acquaintance— in danger, but also that of everyone aboard top-secret oceanic research station SeaSatellite5. Atlantis and Mu are at war, and the cache of ancient artifacts found at the outpost is exactly the weapon they need to rattle Earth to its time-torn core.

Trevor, the Navy’s brain trust engineer, couldn’t believe it when Chelsea inexplicably appeared on SeaSat5 in a shimmery spectacle.  But as soon as Chelsea joins the sub’s crew as an intern in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding her abilities, the pair discover evidence of Atlantis. When Trevor’s sponsors catch word from an onboard spy that he went against orders and hid the weapons cache from them, the crew of SeaSat5 find themselves in a precarious hostage situation.

Faced with time-travelling hijackers after the Atlantean boon and Chelsea’s quickly evolving, war-born powers, she and Trevor will have to survive the hijacking of SeaSat5 and keep the submarine safe before it becomes the most valuable pawn in an age-old crusade.

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