#19 White Lies – YA

Manuscript Title: White Lies
Author: Andrea Aten
Age group: YA
Genre: contemporary fantasy
Word count: 71,000


For 16-year-old Dylan Lord, lying has never been a problem, until Jack walked into her life. Now, lying can be deadly.


Dylan is becoming a Fide, a human able to sense the truth. Each lie Dylan tells, and every lie she hears, causes her physical pain. The bigger the lie, the larger the cut that appears on her body, but she isn’t the only one getting hurt. Jack has identical cuts, and even though he’s there to teach Dylan to find the truth, there’s a problem. They aren’t being completely honest with each other.


An innocent I’m fine, shatters Dylan’s world.  A gash rips open across her stomach, and she knows nothing is fine. Jack knows it too. But there’s more at stake than that one lie. Feeders, people who specialize in spreading lies, are in town with the sole purpose of stopping Dylan from becoming a full-fledged Fide. They will go to any length to win. From messing with her feelings for Jack, to destroying her family, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to stopping Dylan from finding the truth.


Dylan doesn’t want to be a walking lie detector, but she has to try. Not all lies can be covered with Band-Aids. The lies she hasn’t healed are spreading towards her heart, and she isn’t the only one suffering. Jack is in pain as well. If she doesn’t hear the truth soon, she won’t be the only one facing death.

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