#18 Whispers of Disaster – YA


Author: Stacey Trombley

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Word Count: 66,000


Taylor has been called a witch, a demon, the daughter of a murderer. As a senior in high school, she’s used to the rumors, the whispers, but she’ll never give up on finding the truth behind her father’s past.
When Taylor nearly drowns in a flooded stream, the crashing waves look like nothing to the stranger who pulls her out, a stranger who claims to know Taylor’s father. Through him she finds a secret society– a cult– who live in the woods and believe themselves to be an ancient race. She follows them, deep into the Belizean rainforest and finds a whole  society of Maaylina hidden from the rest of the world.But with their cryptic “missions” and odd religion Taylor quickly learns that even the Maaylina are hiding things from her. And Taylor is tired of secrets.
Defying direct orders, Taylor follows them to Guatemala on one of their  secret “missions”. Inside a crowded airport, she watches helplessly as they climb to the rafters and make the roof collapse—crushing hundreds of people. In this terrifying initiation Taylor learns these people, her family, don’t just believe in fate, they believe they are fate. They believe they are destined to cause disasters to the world.
Taylor considers them murderers and refuses to join. The Maaylina consider her a traitor, and they have killed for much less. Now she must run for her life or turn back to fight head on with the most powerful being alive—her aunt Cynthia.


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