#16 Barely Imagined Creatures – YA

Author: Pete Catalano
Age Group: YA
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 74,000
At the age of six, Rum’s life took a very unexpected turn when a Barely Imagined Creature appeared in his dreams and was powerful enough to cross over into reality, kill his parents, and escape out into the streets of 1910 London. Now, at the age of sixteen, Rum is the most infamous of all the creature catchers, hunting and killing the monsters that scour the snickelways.
One night while chasing a hideous, well-muscled demon through the narrow, cobblestone snickelways, Rum accidentally discovers a monster killing ordinary children with extraordinary power and stealing their magic. After barely surviving this first encounter, Rum enlists the aid of H.G. Wells and his arsenal of mechanical wonders and steam-powered weapons to be better prepared for the next time they cross paths.
While researching reports of monsters and missing children, Wells discovers that similar crimes have occurred every twenty years over the last century. Now, Rum and Wells are running out of time and must either capture the monster or kill it before it disappears again.
Combining elements of fantasy, steampunk, and legend, Barely Imagined Creatures is 74,000-words of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, if Peter were a kick-ass, monster-hunting, tech-head with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde issues.

One Comment

  1. Yes! No other CQP editor has requested this yet! It’s MINE!!!
    (ahem) I’d love to see 5 chapters. Please send with ‘pitcharama’ in the subject and a this query in the body to: alison (at) curiosityquills.com
    (although it sounds a little closer to upper middle grade, I’ll give it a shot!)



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