#15 Copper (The Aster Trilogy, Book One) – YA

Manuscript Title: Copper (The Aster Trilogy, Book One)

Author: Catherine Hansen

Age group: YA

Genre: Fantasy

Word count: 56,000

Every child in Varankai knows the bedtime story: once upon a time there were stars in the sky, celestial diamonds that guided sailors home. But now those stars are no more than a legend; every night the skies are pitch black, save for the ever-changing moon.

And now even that is fading away.

Orphaned and fiercely independent Copper Llewellyn finds herself drawn into the mystery of the missing stars as she befriends an enigmatic mage, Shiloh, and his ship’s misfit crew. She’s never had a friend, much less an adventure, before, and must overcome fears big and small to help return her world to its full glory. Their travels will lead them farther, and quite literally deeper, into the history of their land, their magic, and Copper’s own family. The revelation of a growing force, much stronger and more far-reaching than anything the kingdom has witnessed in hundreds of years, adds to their already heavy burden.

All of Copper’s experiences–those whom Copper has loved and those she’s hated, her dreams and her nightmares, the non-magical skills she’s spent her life honing–will come into play as the crew fights for a way to bring back the stars.


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