#11 The Goblins’ Price – YA

Title: The Goblins’ Price

Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh

Age group: YA

Genre: High Fantasy

Word count: 80,000

Each century the Goblin Queen demands a royal tribute.  This time around, Sirith prevents it from being paid.

Seventeen-year-old Sirith is always on the move— playing music and staying far away from the father who tried to murder her.  But a chance meeting with Ramsey Fairclough, the prince of Caer Mynydd, becomes a romance that makes her rethink her nomadic ways.

When some of Ramsey’s supposedly loyal guards abduct him to pay tribute to the violent Goblin Queen, Sirith returns to the harsh land of her birth to rescue him.  Time is short, but winter lingers in the north and presents a challenge as real as Ramsey’s captors.

If a blizzard doesn’t stop her, the goblins stalking her through the mountains will.  They need Ramsey’s blood to sustain their magic, and they need Sirith— alive.  She’s the daughter of their sinister queen.

Inspired by Christina Rosetti’s poem, “The Goblin Market,” The Goblins’ Price is a young adult fantasy novel complete at 80,000 words.  It will appeal to fans of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series and Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword.  I have completed detailed outlines for two sequels.


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