#1 When The Clock Broke – NA

Manuscript Title: WHEN THE CLOCK BROKE

Author: Alexandrina Brant

Age group: NA

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Word Count: 82,000

When twenty-year-old Aidelle’s upper-class fiancé slams the door on their relationship, neither expects the act to seal her in another reality. Nor does Aidelle expect to meet a girl who claims to be her granddaughter from one possible future.
In the space of one ‘day’, her present has been frozen out of time. She can’t exit her own home, where her motionless city waits forever, and she certainly can’t search for her fiancé and apologise for throwing a timepiece at him. With her granddaughter instructing her in the art of mechanics, Aidelle tries to fix the clock. But time, with all its bumps and eddies, doesn’t play fair.
Aidelle catches a glimpse of her fiancé in the midst of a temporal fissure. His heart still seeks her, even from a war-torn future where their home is nothing but a bombed ruin. Fingertips touching, they are years apart. As the fissure collapses, Aidelle is more alone than ever.
At the hesitant advice of her granddaughter, Aidelle must risk her life entering the stilled city to mend the time-streams—and fix her heart. If she doesn’t rewind time—and, in the process, win back the man she adores—they could both cease to exist.


  1. Dear Alexandrina,

    I would love to read WHEN THE CLOCK BROKE. Great title, by the way. Please save the full as an RTF file, then attach it to an email to me at Debby@SoulMatePublishing.com. Please write REQUESTED and your title in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


    Debby Gilbert
    Soul Mate Publishing
    “Where two become one”



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