Pitch Your Mate: Picks for Pitcharama

There’s only three days until the editor round of Pitcharama and we’re super excited to place your pitches in front of the awesome line up of editors. Did you hear we now have 9 publishers who’ll be making the rounds on Friday? And hopefully, making lots of requests!

Entranced Publishing, Escape Publishing,  Curiosity Quills,  Soul Mate Publishing, Swoon Romance, Hunter Publishers, Turquoise Morning Press, Limitless Publishing and Immortal Ink Publishing.

Wow! That’s some lineup.

Ok, ok. I can hear you all saying, “Hurry up. Give us the list of pitches through to the editor round already!”

Without further ado, we give you the 4 Pitch Your Mate Pitches that will be joining the teams in the Editor Round. We dub this team, Team Aussie Owned.



What! One Ta Da wasn’t enough? Here’s another.


Alright. I’ll stop dragging it out. Here they are, Team Aussie Owned. 🙂
Supernatural: YA Paranormal

The Demons You Know: YA Urban Fantasy

Maledicta: NA Action/Adventure Historical Romance

The Shades of Alabaster: YA Low Fantasy
Good luck Guys! We need you to email your pitch to aussieownedandread[at]hotmail[dot]com by Wednesday 25th June.


Leave a comment. We love hearing from you.

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