Pitch Your Mate

It’s the component of Pitcharama you’ve all been waiting for … Pitch Your Mate! This is the round where we celebrate the legendary Aussie mateship–because good mates support their writer friends, through thick and thin!

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All you have to do in this last chance opportunity to have your manuscript seen by our fantastic independent publishers (escape the slush pile here, folks!) is ask a mate to comment on this post with a brief synopsis of your story, including word-length, genre and age group (YA/NA).

UPDATE: As we have just announced another publisher coming on board, Pitch Your Mate will now be open until midnight EDT, Sunday June 23 (yes, we did say EDT–this isn’t a competition exclusive to Aussies, you know! We support mateship worldwide). So get on the blower and ask your mate to pitch ya in that Aussie Owned & Read competition, why don’t you … Crikey!

Entry details

Please copy and paste in the comments below, filling in the blanks.

Author name:


Audience age:


Word count:

Brief novel description:

*NB This is open internationally


  1. Author Name: Jami Montgomery
    Audience Age: YA
    Genre: Supernatural
    Word Count: 84,000
    250 Word Pitch:
    The dead should stay dead. Oftentimes, they don’t.
    Robbie McKnight was seventeen the night he died. A car accident, or so the press said. But his girlfriend, Johanna, has always doubted that story. A peek into his coffin before the burial showed her that Robbie was definitely not in a car accident. He was murdered.
    Two years have passed, and suddenly Robbie is back. As a ghost. He was released from a place known as Otherworld, and now it’s up to him and Johanna to figure out why. A quick chat with Robbie’s parents reveals more about life and death than they ever could have imagined. Soon Robbie is working for an organization of Reapers known as Reaper Protocol in their mission to find the man who murdered twenty-five of their members. He also happens to be the man who murdered Robbie.
    It turns out that tracking down a murderer isn’t the hardest part: staying alive is. As Protocol tries to keep Robbie under their control and kill Johanna for learning their secret, everything the two teenagers thought they knew is questioned. And amidst the chaos is a secret so deep, a destiny so unclear, that Otherworld and Earth may never be the same again.



  2. Author name: Aria Kane
    Audience age: YA
    Genre: Urban Fantasy
    Word count: 66,000

    Brief novel description:
    Miranda Dakin is the most powerful Fire Mage alive and could win this year’s annual Tournament – if she were three days older. Mages must be at least sixteen to attend The Tournament, the paramount event for the secretive modern-day Mage society. Waiting another year to compete becomes the least of her worries when a horde of supposedly-extinct demons attack The Tournament, killing or kidnapping every adult Mage – and take her Psychic Mage mother as one of the hostages.

    After receiving a message from her mother, Miranda must rescue the surviving Mages from a place she was told doesn’t exist. She sets off on a cross-country rescue mission with three others: a strange young Holy Knight, her Witch of a best friend, and a Water Mage she’s known since birth.

    Miranda grapples with the seductive knowledge in a pair of ancient books from her outcast aunt’s attic, while discovering most of what she’s been taught about her magic is a strategic lie. An intimate betrayal and public demon attacks complicate matters when all Miranda wants is her mother and the other Mages safely back at home.



  3. Author name: Jordan Morris

    Title: Round & Round

    Audience age: 8 – 108

    Genre: YA

    Word count: 89,000

    Brief novel description:

    A truly catchy story combining modern day high school teenagers with Greek Mythology. The characters are engaging and likeable. A real page turner. Stories within the story, a teenage will be able to relate to, older generations can remember their teenage years.

    Mythical mortals once lived at the whim of the gods. A hundred generations later, for your average fifteen year-old, little has changed. Godlike elders still govern food, money and shelter, and timetable their fates. This is the story of four students grasping at control over their own destinies in the face of a conspiracy that goes all the way up. Can mere mortals take on the gods and triumph?



  4. Kristin’s not only a good friend, she’s also my cousin…and here’s her pitch!

    Author name: Kristin D. Van Risseghem
    Title: The Guardian
    Audience age: YA
    Genre: Paranormal Romance
    Word count: 78,000
    Brief novel description:

    Zoe and Kieran have been best friends all her life. She grew up practically next door to him. But Zoe never knew Kieran was her guardian angel, until she was on the run from death. Now after seventeen years, demons have chased her and Kieran into a warehouse. She doesn’t know who they are, what they are, or why they are after her. Kieran is forced to introduce her to the world of Enlightens. Zoe is rescued in the warehouse by a mystery guy dressed in black, who turns out to have a special connection with her; meaning she could have found the love of her life, or so she thinks. Darkness has spread and evil has been allowed to run wild and unchecked. Being the only seraph angel born, will Zoe become the powerful angel whom was prophesied? Will she be able to band the Enlightens together to defeat the darkness?

    Shay, a nephilim, has had to live at a distance from Zoe all of her life and protect her from afar. After being hidden away for seventeen years; demons have finally found her. Shay has vowed he will do everything in his power to keep her safe; after all, he’s in love her and may have to battle Kieran for her affection and attention. As Zoe is launched into a strange new world of angels, demons, werewolves, and fairies she must find a way to work together to seek other Enlightens, make allies, and defeat Sammael to save the world.



  5. Author name: Rachel Anne Blackmon

    Title: The Stolen Defender

    Audience age: 13-18

    Genre: Young Adult Urban fantasy

    Word count: 78,000

    Brief novel description: In a modern fantasy universe where people are synchronized with magical Gems, Matt and Izzy are Defenders–elite magical soldiers, trained to use their Gems from childhood.

    But when Matt is fused with an evil half-being called Ouranos, Izzy must fight military politics, monsters and time itself to reclaim Matt from the darkness.



  6. Author name: K. M. Carroll
    Title: Storm Chase
    Audience age: 14-20
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
    Word count: 66,300
    Brief novel description:
    Carda Chase’s life has just changed for the worst.
    By pure chance he’s the new Strider of Chronos, a mage with time and space powers. Demetrius, a shadow mage, and his apprentice, Rayne, a thieving mage with a Pledgestone, are after his powers. The Chronostrider Council expects him dead in a week. A deadly Subspace Storm threatens Earth and all its inhabitants. And worse yet, Carda’s parents have stopped his allowance.

    But Carda isn’t alone. He has friends – Xironi, a catgirl and space mage, Indal, a time mage turned werewolf, and Carda’s sister Michelle, a rare gravity mage.

    Together the four friends must fight back bitter councils, world-eating storms, giant metal golems, and a street racer with a thirst for Carda’s blood. Between the world jumping, time jumping, and lack of allowance, Carda must accept his new role as Chronostrider. And if he’s lucky, he and his friends just might save the world.



  7. Author name: Jordan Morris

    Title: Round and Round

    Audience age: Young Adult

    Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy

    Word count: 89,000

    Brief novel description: An utterly unique exploration of high school and being a teenager, viewed in the context of Greek mythology. What happens when reincarnation and a creepy cult intersect with ordinary student life?

    The story focuses on the parallels between mortals living at the will of the gods and students at the hands of life, love and teachers. The characters are tremendously engaging and there is an utterly original conspiracy thrown in. Above all, it’s one of those novels that entertains you with the little realisations about the nature of life.



  8. Author name: Anne Brocole

    Title: Maledicta

    Audience age: NA

    Genre: Action/Adventure Historical Romance

    Word count: 93,000

    Brief novel description:

    When Gretta, a clumsy jogger, and Sam, a construction worker, are almost crushed under the branches of a newly-fallen tree, little did they know they would soon fall for each other. But before they can find a happily ever after, they’re charged with a mission by Gretta’s long-dead ancestor. They must remove the curse placed on a ring, an old family heirloom, before Gretta’s frail grandmother dies, doomed to spend eternity in the PIT (Purgatory in Tartarus) upon her death.

    Sam and Gretta time travel to the early-nineteenth century, where they step right into the lives of Lorenzo, an American sailor kidnapped by Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean Sea, and Anya, daughter of a Greek fortune teller. Lorenzo is badly wounded in his escape from the pirates, and finds medical treatment from Anya’s mother on the tiny island of Milos.

    Soon, Lorenzo and Anya are on course to find true love together, but not without challenges from the pirate captain, who will stop at nothing to get back the treasure Lorenzo stole when he escaped. Their lives are in danger, and so are Sam and Gretta, who are unwittingly along for the adventure as they seek answers about the family ring and the origins of its tragic curse.

    MALEDICTA, an Action/Adventure Historical Romance, is a completed standalone manuscript with strong series potential.

    Anne Brocole is a member of the RWA and of Scribblers of the Eastern Time Zone, an online critique group. MALEDICTA is her first novel.

    *As one of Anne’s critique partners, I hope I did her wonderful book justice!



  9. Author name: Jordan Morris

    Title: Round and Round

    Audience age: 12 – 21

    Genre: Young Adult

    Word count: 89,000

    Brief novel description: This novel follows the lives of a group of teenagers who are reincarnated versions of Greek mythological characters. Round and Round had me reliving my childhood and identifying with the bullies, the good mates, the teachers and the general trials and tribulations of being a teenager.



  10. Author name: Carrie L McRae

    Title: The Shades of Alabaster

    Audience age: 13-18 (YA)

    Genre: Low Fantasy

    Word count: 103,000

    Brief novel description:

    The countries of Leotia and Eastonia have been at war long enough to forget why they started fighting in the first place, and both monarchies are in a state of crisis; for the first time neither has a ruling monarch.
    Fifteen-year-old Rhona Gustave happens to be the last heir to the Leotian throne, but it took her mother’s arrest by Eastonian mercenaries in order for her to find out. To save her mother from an unfair execution, Rhona leaves her country behind and joins forces with Atticus—a sixteen-year-old Eastonian with a will for adventure and a mission of his own—and together they go up against the most powerful man in all of Eastonia; Regent Pierce Gar Dovian.
    From the home of the Eastonian royal family to the infamous Eastonian prison to the Shadelands—the spirit realm between the living and the dead—Rhona devises ways to sabotage her mother’s execution while also battling her feelings for the increasingly unpredictable Atticus.
    The Shades of Alabaster is a novel that explores three very different perspectives, including the antagonists, and has the potential for crossover appeal.



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