Pitcharama: Getting to know Turquoise Morning Press

Today’s the last day before Pitcharama starts and we have Turquoise Morning Press here for our final spotlight.


Tell us what makes Turquoise Morning Press unique.
Even though we are a small press, often referred to as Print On Demand, our size has nothing to do with our output. We house over 150 authors with a 3 1/2 years of weekly published books, novellas and anthologies. We offer our readers a variety of genres which allows our authors to flourish. We are have small town mentality but big city dreams.


What’s on your current wish list?
As a YA Editor, I’m looking for more contemporary stories. Strong heroines and heroes. Problems. Adversity. And a YA must, kissing!


Is there something for you that’s a big query no-no?
Don’t submit unless you’ve read our submission guidelines. It only takes a few minutes and can save both of us a lot of time and heartache. If I’m borderline on your story, not following the directions can take a maybe to a no.


When you read a query, what are you hoping to see?
A creative story. Clean writing. I understand there will always be edits but I don’t want to spend countless nights correcting something that should have been caught when the author was editing theirselves.


What author would you love to publish?
I don’t have a All-Star list. I take each submission and author one-at-a-time. To me, a great story is only better with a great author.


For more information on Turquoise Morning Press visit their website hereand don’t forget to pitch come back tomorrow for the first round of Pitcharama!

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