Pitcharama: Getting to know Curiosity Quills Press

Today we talk to Andrew Buckley  from Curiosity Quills Press.

Tell us what makes Curiosity Quills Press unique.

CQ Press is a diverse group of creative geniuses who work hard to make sure their authors are noticed in the literary world.  Not only do they stay ahead of industry trends but they also push the boundaries of progressive marketing techniques with a focus on social media.  Not to mention that all staff members are ninjas.  You can’t get any more awesome than a group of ninjas.

What’s on your current wish list?

We generally play within the sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal/thriller/mystery/horror realms but lately we’ve been branching out and expanding our catalogue.  If it’s YA/NA/Adult, then we’d like to see it.  Personally I’m looking for some good quirky horror 🙂

Is there something for you that’s a big query no-no?

A badly written query (spelling errors, basic grammar mistakes, too little information, cheesy gimmicks) doesn’t necessarily mean that the work itself is bad… it just means we likely won’t read it.  Workshop your query letter, make sure it’s correct, and always check submission guidelines!

When you read a query, what are you hoping to see?

It has to be enticing!  There has to be something in the query that grabs the reader to make us want to ask for more.  Your query should have the best ‘come hither’ look known to man.

What author would you love to publish?

I’d like to resurrect Douglas Adams and publish his work 🙂

For more information on Curiosity Quills visit their website here and don’t forget to pitch your manuscript (and your mate’s!) to them during Pitcharama.


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