Pitcharama: Getting to know Immortal Ink Publishing

Today, we’d like you to meet the lovely Shana from Immortal Ink Publishing.

Tell us what makes Immortal Ink Publishing unique.

Immortal Ink Publishing aims to give many of the perks of traditional publishing, while still giving the author the benefits of working with a smaller, more personable staff. We offer professional book covers, marketing assistance and support, and multiple rounds of top of the line editing. Our authors never have to invest a penny AND they receive 50% of their novel’s profits. In addition to that, we allocate some of the money profited off their titles toward further promoting their work. But don’t take my word for it! Drop a line to some of our recent authors on Twitter, and ask them what they think! Such as horror author, Will Millar (@willmillar1), and young adult dystopian author, Rosanne Rivers (@cityjuliet), or our upcoming literary author, Carole Lanham (@writercarole).

What’s on your current wish list?

I’d love to find the right steampunk novel to add to our list! We are also on the lookout for more dystopian novels (our latest addiction!) We love stories that are dark, fast-paced, and well-written. Character depth is also a must, and we have a great appreciation for stories that can draw us in using all of our senses.

Is there something for you that’s a big query no-no?

We aren’t sticklers for formula. We aren’t going to dismiss something we love because someone spelled our name wrong on a query. We don’t see ourselves as the Lords of Publishing who determine the fate of wannabe authors. And, to be honest, we’re always a bit concerned when we observe anyone in the industry that does have that attitude! I like to think most people are in it for the same reason as us, though: to find well-written, top-notch stories that will endear and entertain readers.

The only thing we ask is if you query us when we aren’t open for submissions (our site always indicates if we are open or not), please don’t get upset if we don’t get back to you! The reason we close for submissions is because we are focusing on the titles we have already signed. When those titles are well under way for publication, we will open for submissions again. We give our authors a LOT of our time, attention, and effort. So while it may be frustrating that our doors aren’t always open, any authors we sign get the assurance that their book will always be a priority with us. We aren’t a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” type of publishing house, so we publish very few titles a year. That said, every title we have published has made an Amazon bestseller list at some point after their release.

When you read a query, what are you hoping to see?

My ideal query is short and to the point! It lets me know genre, word count, and the concept for the story. Then it jumps to a first chapter that pulls me into the story immediately. The books we consider are not only highly interesting and engaging from the first instance, but they are also well-written. We are more than happy to put elbow grease in to edit a novel, but we want to see that the author put in their own elbow grease as well! For this reason, I most appreciate submissions from authors who use beta readers and critique partners prior to submitting their novels to us.

What author would you love to publish?

There are a few indie authors I would publish in a heartbeat. Amy Kinzer, Christie Rich, and Amber Lynn Natusch. We’d also love to work with more authors like the ones on our list now, because they are energetic and we work great together as a team. When publishers and authors come together, the benefit should be mutual: You bring us a great story, and we bring you great editing, great marketing, and great readers.

For more information on Immortal Ink Publishing visit their website here and don’t forget to pitch them your manuscript (or your mate’s!) during Pitcharama.

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