Pitcharama: Getting to know Limitless Publishing

Today, we’re introducing Jennifer O’Neil from Limitless Publishing.
Tell us what makes Limitless Publishing unique.
Several things really, we are very different from other publishers. First, our Limitless Publishing team is outstanding! This includes everyone from office staff to our fantastic authors. So we are very particular who we work with. Our covers are some of the best in the industry as we take great pride in our covers. Plus, our success rate. Every one of our authors has become a best selling author, usually within the first couple of months. (We can attribute this to our team).
What’s on your current wish list?
We are looking for ALL romance right now! NA, YA, Erotic, Contemporary, we love them all!
Is there something for you that’s a big query no-no?
Yes. Spelling errors! People who send their work in too soon. Even if it’s a good story, we won’t take something that’s not in a polished state.
When you read a query, what are you hoping to see?
You need to capture our attention in the first chapter. We also like steamy novels, we are doing a lot of those lately.
What author would you love to publish?

We love to find and publish new authors who haven’t been discovered yet 🙂

For more information on Limitless Publishing visit their website here AND don’t forget to pitch your manuscript (and one for your mate!) in Pitcharama.

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