Pitcharama: Getting to know Soul Mate Publishing

We chat to Deborah Gilbert from Soul Mate Publishing about what she’s looking for in a good pitch.

Tell us what makes Soul Mate Publishing unique.
Soul Mate Publishing works closely with authors with everything from cover art to revisions to the final product. We take a hand’s-on approach to ensure a high-quality, entertaining book is put up for sale.
What’s on your current wish list?
We are seeking all romance genre areas except YA at this time. We are looking to expand into NA  so all submissions for that genre are welcome. We are also looking for Regencies, Highlander Romance, Westerns, and futuristics.
Is there something for you that’s a big query no-no?
I can’t say I’ve seen anything that I’d consider a no-no. However, blaming poor spelling and grammar on a voice recognition program has to be the most humorous response to a request for corrections and a resubmit I’ve ever received. 🙂
When you read a query, what are you hoping to see?
I’m hoping to see a fresh voice, someone who’s comfortable with who they are and what they write. That will show in the query. Soul Mate publishes many cross-genre stories and I love that. We usually see twists and story lines and even setting that haven’t been done before.
What author would you love to publish?
I know this author who writes for another (major) house that won’t let her explore her true passion, humor. I would love to work with her.
For more information on Soul Mate Publishing visit their website here and don’t forget to pitch them your manuscript (or your mate’s!) during Pitcharama.


  1. This is the publisher who signed Branded, my Romantic Suspense novel set in Sydney 😀 Just so everyone knows!



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