Pitcharama: The Editors

I know you’ve all been dying to hear see if your dream press is participating in Pitcharama. Well, we’ve got a great line up of presses. There will be eight presses making requests in the editor round. Did you hear that? Eight and even more editors, because some presses are sending two or three.

STOP PRESS! We have one more. That makes NINE.

If you missed the announcement post, click the link for details of dates and entry format.

Presenting our Press partners;

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Editor: Cate Cuthbert

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Acquiring for Swoon Romance Line

Editor: Mandy Schoen

Editor: Courtney Koschel

Editor: Amy Garvey

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Swoon Romance Line

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Editors: Andrew Buckley & Allison Heller

Facebook | Website |Twitter

Editor: Deborah Gilbert

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Limitless Publishing

Editor: Jennifer O’Neill

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Facebook | Website | Twitter

Facebook | Website | Twitter


Hunter Publishers

Facebook | Website | Twitter

And that’s all. We hope you’re as stoked with the line up as we are. Make sure you come back tomorrow, because each day between now and the opening round we’ll post an interview with an acquiring editor. Interviews will include current wishlists.

Pop into #pitcharama for all the latest and to chat with the Aussie Owned Crew.


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