Making waves from Down Under

Technology has been fabulous for Australian writers. It’s opened up so many opportunities and new markets for us. Most aspiring writers know that networking can play an important part in breaking into the publishing scene. So when a lot of the key players are on the other side of the world, how do you achieve that? Here’s some tips:

• Get yourself on social media, especially Twitter.
• Follow movers and shakers in the publishing industry (these are people who regularly engage their followers, host competitions and give back to the publishing community).
• Engage with the people you follow and who follow you…in a non-stalker/non-creepy way. When questions are posed on Twitter, respond. Ask your own questions as well.
• When the opportunity arises – participate! Authors and bloggers are regularly looking for people to help out with competitions – especially pitch contests. If you see the call, answer it.
• Comment on blog posts.
• Retweet cool tweets.
• Be genuine. You have to really want to be part of this community and faking it shows.
• Be friendly. Don’t go trolling authors and agents. It won’t help.
• Be prepared to ask. This sometimes can be a suggestion along the lines of “I’ve got an idea that I’d love to work with you on” and see how it plays out. But only after you’ve established that online friendship.

I’m by no means the most connected unpublished (but aspiring) author on social media. But I know that I’ve made lots of connections by getting online and being myself. A lot of those things I did instinctively, but it’s allowed me to develop really strong friendships and network with some great industry professionals.

So that’s my tips. Care to share some of yours?

One Comment

  1. These are all good points you have listed S.M.
    I’m only tipping my toes in Twitter …. and it seems a little cold … hahhah
    I feel that particular social media needs to be followed fairly regular to keep up with the thread/news etc. And seeing I am not logged in all day or have the opportunity to use my Ph app, during working hours, I find it difficult to navigate.
    Where as with Facebook, I have been a fan since 2009, I find it easier to navigate and understand and I think I like that the visual content is instant … not by following a link.
    Goodreads is great,
    LinkedIn is interesting,
    AND Triberr and I are just becoming acquainted lol.



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