Special Post: Update on the Gang!

Today doesn’t fit into our normal schedule, so we agreed to do a special post giving you an update on all the exciting things we have all been doing. And there’s some great stuff too!

For starters, today marks the release of my book, Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh with Curiosity Quills which, as you would guess, I’m EXTREMELY excited about. I have a blog hop running if you feel like snatching up some sweet prizes, including my favourite, a Mummy Making Kit hahaha! You can check out the book trailer here. Find me on Facebook and twitter. You can get it here.

Next up, we have Kim’s release for Sacrifice, a prequel for Fall For Me. Her tentative release is 27th May 2013. You can find regular updates on Facebook, Twitter or her Amazon Author Page. And here’s her book trailer!

You’ve seen our cover reveals just recently, but just because they are pretty I’ll show them again!

   Sacrifice                                Kiya Hope of The Pharaoh

So the next big cover reveal is for Sharon. This is in two days! TWO DAYS! If you follow her on twitter, facebook, or her blog you’ll know she’s very excited about this and I expect it will be a great cover to join our league of awesome covers. She is releasing her novel, Sleeper, through Entranced in December. She is also their Marketing Director. You can find more of her work here, here, here and here.

Now for some contract news! Our lovely Stacey is signed with Entranced for her novel, Forget Me Not. I CPed this so I’m a bit partial to it and say YAY!!! I can hold it in my hot little hands soon! She’s expecting an early 2014 release. Find her on Facebook and stalk her in twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest on her road to publication.

Cassandra has also been working her way through the query trenches with Isla’s Inheritance, with some positive feedback! Fingers crossed for her getting something soon.

Lauren is also working with Entranced, which is making me feel a little out numbered over here with Curiosity Quills! And continues her work as an editor with PETS magazine.

Suse and Emily continue work on their WiP’s and stay very busy in their lives.

So, that’s us for now! Hopefully when the next one of these off schedule posts comes around we’ll have even more amazing news for you!

And good luck to you in all your endeavors.

Oh! P.S… we might have something very exciting brewing for querying writers! Keep watching for more details to come!

Katie Teller

Katie Teller is a writer of NA fiction. Her debut, Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh, is now available. You can find out more about Katie and Kiya, on twitterfacebook or at her own blog.


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