Best YA Cover Poll – Aussie and International categories

It’s time for you to vote on your favourite Aussie and International YA Covers!

Nominations have come from the public and now it’s your turn to vote.

Best Australian YA Cover Nominations:

final-artwork 7034333  thebookthief_4 17454983  7992995 Scion untitled imagesCA1OQE4Z stolen-cover 13630618 dh-lfa-cover-small

Best International YA Cover Nominations:

16062807 17663217 9780062116901 EverNight_final comp thumb 10507293 13445008 LibraryJumpers MR 16050312 17182417

Now you’ve seen the covers, it’s time to vote!

Vote here. Voting will remain open for two weeks.


  1. No ‘Life in Outer Space’ by Melissa Keil? That’s the best-looking book I own.
    If the spray-can version of Cath Crowley’s ‘Graffiti Moon’ was here, I’d vote for that. That cover is awesome. 🙂



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