Flash Fiction Winners

Thank you to our participants. We appreciate your time and support.

The winners of the prizes are as follows:

A query and 1st page critique from Me, Katie – RC Mitchell

Emily will give a 1st page critique – Darci Cole

Lauren will give an entry critique –  Cait Drews

First 5 pages edit of your MS from Cassandra – Monica B Sanz

And the most popular choice from all of us, as promised is featured below. It’s by Monica B Sanz. Find her original post here – http://monicabsanz.blogspot.com/2013/03/my-attempts-at-flash-fiction.html

I wanted it to burn.

I dug my fingers into the worn bridge pillar he’d held me against so many times while whispering empty promises against my lips. If I could claw out what this pillar has seen, I would.
“We’re running out of time, Grace,” my sister reminded me. “We need to do this now.”
I looked down at my watch. My pulse quickened. 11:58PM. Two minutes to midnight. If I didn’t burn the bridge now, the doorway would open and he would come. I would never be able to resist him. I never could.
Tilting the canister, I poured the gasoline like the many tears I’d spilled over him. I shuffled back to a safe distance and thrust the metal container back toward the bridge.
Tess lit a match, but I stopped her and took it before she sparked the trail. I know she wanted to burn it as much as I did. Big sisters always want to protect their younger siblings.
“I’ll do it,” I said. Maybe betraying him as he’d betrayed me would magnify my guilt and anger, and numb the horrid pain I felt since learning the truth.
I tossed the match onto the trail and moved us back. Flames roared to life, creeping toward where the nightmare began. As smoke curled into the cold night, memories unfurled in my mind of the day he first came through the bridge, using the magic of the last girl he’d seduced to open up the doorway. Now he had my magic, faerie magic. I’d willingly let him drink it from me, regardless of how forbidden it was. With it, he could increase his powers enough to open the door wide enough for his people to come through and plunder mine. It had been his plan all along, only I’d been too blinded.
My watch beeped, and my heart stopped.
The space between the bridge pillars faded, and the orange curls of fire illuminated the darkness of his world. Beyond the reddish hues, he appeared as if borne of the night. He looked at the flames, then turned those eyes to me. They glittered, but whether it was the smoke that caused those tears, or if they were of anger and pain, I didn’t know.
“Come on, Grace, we have to go!” Tess yanked my arm.
I couldn’t move. He too stood still, watching me watching him, as the bridge between our worlds burned.
I’ll find another way through,” he said through our connection, one made by promising our bodies to one another. A promise he’d made to so many before me. “This isn’t the only bridge.”
I know,” I replied, “and I’ll burn each one.”
This wasn’t the end. You don’t cross a dark elf and get away with it. But you also don’t break my heart. It seems we both learned our lessons there, amidst the smell of smoke, the heat of the flames and the warmth of our falling tears.


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