Aussie Owned and Read’s first ever WINNERS!

We’re super excited to announce the winners of our first ever Aussie Owned and Read competition. We were so excited to see all the entries; thanks so much, guys!
Have you won some swag from this jolly swagman's pack?Photo: Wiki Commons

Have you won some swag from this jolly swagman’s pack?
Photo: Wiki Commons

Please find following the winner name and the prize details. Winners, you should all receive an email with your prize details within the next week. We hope you enjoy your prizes  and, if you have any questions (e.g. you’re not writing a manuscript and you have a writing-related prize), hit up

1. Sandy Emerson–Graffiti Moon eBook

2. Amber A. Bardan–Fall For Me eBook

3. Monica Sanz–All This Could End eBook

4. Jessie Devine–professional edit of the first five pages of your manuscript

5. Emily–first chapter critique

6. Monica Sanz–query critique

7. Lisa Swallow–query critique

Stay tuned for more prizes and giveaways from the Aussie Owned and Read team


  1. guy, here and i have a large oil painting of a aboriginal swagman that looks the same as the winner, my painting was painted by graham guppy from shepparton in 1975, this is a beautifull painting and at that a very large one too, in fabulous condition,,



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